DWI’s non-disclosures in Texas

A new law took effect September 1, 2017 which may be of great value to you. This law will allow us to obtain an order of non-disclosure regarding DWI convictions. An order of non-disclosure causes the record of a DWI conviction to be sealed from public view and to prevent disclosure of the record of conviction to the public.

The order also allows a person to legally deny the existence of the DWI conviction, and means that the DWI conviction will not show up on a background check. Law enforcement will continue to maintain a record of the conviction and it can be used against a person if that person gets in criminal trouble again in the future or is accused of another DWI. If a person is applying for a job or a professional license with the state or federal government, the conviction will show up and could negatively affect that person.

If you were charged and convicted of DWI and are interested in sealing this from your record, please fill out the below form and a staff member will get back to you as soon as possible.




(682) 204-4066 We cannot receive pictures via text so please send those via email or hand deliver to our office.

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