Bond Conditions in Fort Worth

When someone is arrested for a crime, they may feel frightened and confused about the legal options that could be available to them. In some cases, a person may qualify for being released on bond while they await trial. However, there are often different terms associated with the release that an accused person needs to follow. To learn more about bond conditions in Fort Worth, schedule an appointment with a skilled criminal defense lawyer. They could assist in researching different legal strategies and potentially help advocate on your behalf in court.

Typical Bond Conditions

Depending on the type of offense that a person is arrested for, they may have several conditions added to their initial terms of release or conditions of bond. In domestic violence cases, almost always, there will be a condition that the person cannot have any harmful or injurious contact with the complainant. Sometimes, judges will even grant what is called the emergency protective order, which orders that the person charged with a crime to not be able to live in the same location or come within a certain distance of the complainant’s home or work. Some other conditions that the judges may put on bonds or conditions of a person’s release can involve drug or alcohol testing. In a theft case, the person might have a condition that they stay away from the store where the alleged theft happened. Those are the typical bond conditions that a judge might impose for your release.

Sexual Assault Conditions

However, in certain instances, a person charged with an offense may be restricted from going to certain locations. In sexual assault cases, a person might have conditions that prohibit them from coming within a certain distance of child care facilities, parks, or schools. It could even go as far as a person wearing a GPS device or an ankle monitor, which can show where they are and if they violate a condition. A person can even be required to stay in their home with an ankle monitor.

DWI Offense Conditions

In a DWI case, people often have a condition of bond that they have an interlock device installed on any car that they operate and they cannot operate any car without an interlock device. An interlock device is a breath test machine wired into the ignition. A person has to blow into the interlock device to start their car and if the interlock device detects alcohol it will prevent the car from starting. Anything the interlock detects is reported to the judge and if the interlock device detects alcohol, that could cause a person’s bond to be forfeited and they could be taken into custody.

General Release Timeframe

It could take a day or more for a person to be released from jail. The release timeframe may depend on the specific offense and the bond conditions in Fort Worth. In many cases, it could take about 12 hours for a person to be released. However, the sooner a family member or trusted friend finds out about the arrest, the process of posting a cash bond or hiring a bondsperson could be expedited. It is important to understand that after securing a source of payment for the bond, the release may still take a few hours.

Complying With Fort Worth Bond Conditions

If you were arrested for a criminal offense, contact a reliable criminal defense attorney. They could review the facts of your case and help argue for release on bond. In addition to advocating on your behalf, they could explain in detail the bond conditions in Fort Worth. Fully comprehending the rules pertaining to release on the bond may significantly help a person reduce their chance of accidentally committing a violation.


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