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Texas takes any allegation of criminal conduct committed within its borders seriously. Even criminal activity that is classified as a misdemeanor can result in a lengthy jail sentence upon conviction and the creation of a criminal record.

These potential penalties are harsh enough, but for college and university students who face allegations of criminal activity, the mere allegations of a crime could be life-changing. Schools all over Texas utilize codes of conduct that allow school administrators to investigate and punish suspected illegal behavior. Even if a defendant manages to escape a conviction in court, their school may still levy a punishment.

Any Weatherford student defense lawyer you hire from our team would understand the immense emotional and educational impact that a criminal allegation can have on a college or university student. Your competent criminal defense attorney could help you contest your criminal charges in court and stand up for your right to continue your education.

Typical Examples of Criminal Charges Faced by Students

With the rare exception, students on college campuses are over the age of 18. This means that they are subject to the same laws and criminal statutes as the rest of the people in Texas. In addition, many schools employ their own safety and security agencies that act much in the same way as municipal police forces.

These agencies are typically required to report any suspicions of illegal activity to local law enforcement. As a result, college students are liable to be arrested for any suspected criminal activity, most commonly one or more of the following:

Any student charged with any criminal offense should be prepared to defend themselves in court. A conviction for almost any kind of criminal charge in Texas can result in jail time, the payment of high fines, and the creation of a criminal record.

Much of this can derail a young adult’s life before they have a chance to stand on their own. Fortunately, a Weatherford student defense lawyer could represent students in Texas criminal courts against any alleged violation of Texas law.

Added Penalties for Students

Naturally, a student charged with a crime should place any ensuing criminal case in the front of their minds. However, the consequences for them as a student may be just as severe. In fact, even if a defendant manages to avoid a conviction in court, their school may still take action.

This is because all colleges and universities require their students to adhere to a code of conduct that prohibits any illegal activity. The mere allegation of criminal activity may be sufficient to instigate a formal inquiry.

The disciplinary boards at these schools have the power to discipline, suspend, or even expel a student for any alleged violation of the school’s code of conduct. Every school has their own process and the rights of the accused can vary greatly. In any event, a Weatherford student defense lawyer could help prepare a student for these hearings, and when applicable can appear in person to plead the student’s case on their behalf.

A Weatherford Student Defense Attorney Could Be Dedicated to Helping Students

Students face potentially enhanced penalties for alleged criminal activity. Not only are they at the mercy of the Texas criminal justice system, but they are likely to also face disciplinary hearings held at their school. This can result in not just the payments of fines and a potential jail term, but also the forfeiting of their educational future.

A Weatherford student defense lawyer could help both as a student and as a defendant facing criminal charges, representing your interests before school disciplinary boards and in criminal court. Contact an attorney today to get started on your case.


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