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Overview of Texas Civil War Museum

The Texas Civil War Museum bills itself as the largest Civil War museum west of the Mississippi River. It is located on Loop 820 in the city of White Settlement, a suburb of Fort Worth, Texas. It was built in 2006 to showcase a large collection of Civil War-era antiques. They later added to their collection when the Texas Confederate Museum in Austin closed. The Texas Civil War Museum has been suggested as a home for any Confederate monuments taken down in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. For example, the Robert E. Lee statue taken down in Dallas in the fall of 2017 could be moved to the White Settlement museum. However, it would cost at least $75,000 to move the statue from storage at the Grand Prairie Naval Air station. The estimate for removing the granite base and steps that used to surround it in Oak Lawn is another $125,000. The literally bigger issue is the Confederate memorial in downtown Dallas. Proposals for that monument focused on replacing signage instead of paying $400,000 or so to remove it, whether or not it was moved to the Civil War Museum.

The city of Dallas was reluctant to move the Civil War memorials to the Texas Civil War Museum, too, because at least some city staffers think that it is too biased in favor of the South. The Texas Civil War Museum argues that they dedicate equal time and space to both sides of the Civil War. This is why a number of Dallas employees are arguing in favor of simply auctioning off the Civil War monuments. The museum says that it is focused on memorializing Texas on both sides of the war and that they’d accept a statue of Union General Sherman to accompany the one of Lee if they could secure it. Others with the city of Dallas argue that auctioning off the monuments will raise money to pay for their removal, the changing of signage around other monuments, and pay for educational programs.

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