How Our Firm Came Into Existence

Hi, I’m NCS with the Medlin Law Firm. We’re a criminal defense firm in the Fort Worth-Dallas area.

Being in your situation (DWI, assault, etc) you probably feel scared of jail, a criminal record, losing your job, and losing the future you had planned, and you probably feel like you don’t know what to do, how to start and who to hire out of all the firms and attorneys out there. You should be able to feel like you can get your life back, work, succeed, and take care of your family.

Let me tell you about our owner and a little more about our firm;

When Gary was in his second year of law school, a crazy person shot him in the back with a .45 magnum, leaving him with a permanent disability and chronic pain. He needed the right doctors, counselors, and others to help him get his life back. But he did not have the right legal help that could have made his difficult journey so much easier. He doesn’t want anyone going through a life-changing event/criminal case like you do not have the right help and the right firm to help you overcome this and get your life back.

So we build this firm to help clients make the right decisions and take the right steps to succeed in life, to overcome this life-changing event, to get past this, and get your life back.

This experience our owner had motivated him to create this firm to fight for three outcomes:

  1. Dismissal
  2. Freedom/no jail
  3. A Future with a clean record

To ensure these three outcomes, it forced the firm to create the Triple Action Dismissal Method.

We’re the only firm in Texas doing this.

When you work with us, here’s exactly what you get:

  1. We ID the legal and factual issues to get your case thrown out (DWI: talk about ALR)
  2. We Take Action steps pre-trial to achieve a dismissal
  3. We demand a trial to put pressure on the prosecutor to dismiss and we prepare to win the trial if they don’t

When Gary was going through the recovery from getting shot at the back, he wished someone would’ve given him the legal advice that could have helped him get his life back faster and easier.

So if you want to get a dismissal and secure your future, let us get started today helping you.

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