Visiting a Loved One in a Fort Worth Jail

Visiting a loved one in a Fort Worth jail can be difficult to arrange in the first few hours or days after a person has been arrested. Paperwork is being completed, computer records are being created, and you cannot actually see them, even if you show up at the jail. You can always visit them at some point, but it can sometimes be a day or more before you get to the point where you can see them in jail.

Even if you are not able to visit your loved one, you can help them by reaching out to a dedicated criminal defense attorney on their behalf. Regardless of the circumstances that lead to their arrest, a defense attorney could offer legal advice relevant to the situation. Call today to schedule an initial consultation.

Getting Someone Out of Jail on the Weekend or Late at Night

You can try to get someone out of jail outside of business hours, but there is no guarantee. The first thing to do is to call the police department holding your loved one and find out if a bond has been set. Typically, it will be many hours before a person is transferred to the county jail and arraigned by a magistrate, and a bond is set. To learn more about visiting a loved one in a Fort Worth jail, contact a dedicated attorney.

Does the Money Spent on an Attorney Getting Someone Out of Jail go Towards Representation in their Case?

Attorneys who also write bonds typically say that the money that is paid to get the person out of jail will go towards representation on their case. Many people think that is advantageous because the money that they are spending to get out of jail also is getting them an attorney. However, other attorneys believe it is a conflict of interest and inappropriate for the lawyer to do bonds. It puts the attorney in a difficult position where they may become an adversary to the individual. If they have an agreement that the person has to pay so much money and the person does not pay that money, then the attorney goes off the bond and the person gets arrested.

Bond Forfeitures

A bond forfeiture can happen when a person fails to appear for court or fails to comply with the conditions of bond. This may also happen when a bondsperson goes in front of a judge and asks for a warrant to be issued because they believe the person is not going to show up for court. When a bond is forfeited, that causes a person to be arrested. If a person has been arrested on a bond forfeiture then, typically,  they are not going to be able to get out of jail, unless they have hired an attorney and the lawyer has gone to the judge and presented a reason to convince the judge to either recall the bond forfeiture and recall the warrant or set a new bond in the case.

Lawyers Could Take Care of an Arrest Warrant

Usually, if there is a warrant for someone’s arrest, an attorney could take care of it. The person is either going to have to be arrested or go to court. A lawyer could appear with the individual in court and then may be able to take care of the warrant without the person being arrested. The judge usually will not address the situation and recall the warrant or do anything else that allows the individual to be released, unless the person has actually been arrested or shows up in court with their attorney.

For more information on visiting a loved one in a Fort Worth jail, reach out to an experienced criminal attorney. A lawyer could look at your situation and provide legal advice to help your loved one.


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