Cases Won By The Medlin Law Firm Team

DWI Cases Won By Our Team

Drug Charge Cases Won By Our Team

Assault Cases Won By Our Team

Assault, Fort Worth – Case Dismissed

Our client was arrested for assault bodily injury to a family member. She was accused of punching her boyfriend. After only two Fort Worth, TX court appearances, we convinced the DA to dismiss her case without her having to do any classes, community service, probation, or pay any fines or court costs.

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Unlawfully Carrying A Weapon Cases Won By Our Team

Unlawful Carry Weapon By Gang Member, Fort Worth – Dismissed

Our client was in Fort Worth for a motorcycle rally and was wearing the cut of a particular gang that is considered an organized criminal organization. He was pulled over for failing to signal at a stop sign and was later arrested for unlawful carry of weapon (UCW). The only reason the carrying of the...

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Murder Cases Won By Our Team

Tried for Intoxication Manslaughter

Our client was in court accepting probation for possessing a controlled substance. After appearing before the judge and meeting with a probation officer, she drove home. On the way she fell asleep and drifted onto the shoulder of the highway, running over a man who had parked on the shoulder with car trouble, killing him ...

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Jury Acquittal for Capital Murder Charge

It was Christmas time and our client was going to walk to a holiday party. He stopped at his neighborhood convenience store to buy a scratch-off ticket – and was a winner! Just then a gang member walked in and pointed a gun at the store owner and demanded the cash. The gang member then ...

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