The Surprises of Fatherhood

As cliche as it sounds, you never really know how much love you can feel for one person until you become a parent. I heard this adage time and again while my wife was pregnant, and I was sure there was some truth to it. But when my daughter Nadia was born, I was still caught completely off ... CONTINUE READING

Are You a Danger on the Road?

On March 29, 2017, a church minibus was returning from a retreat in Leakey, Texas, carrying 14 members of the First Baptist Church of New Braunfels, Texas. Around 12 p.m., a pickup truck going in the opposite direction crossed the centerline and collided with the bus. Of the 14 passengers in the bus, 12 were killed at the scene, and another died later in the hospital. Witnesses reported hearing the truck driver saying, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I was... CONTINUE READING

Take a Deep Breath

This is the first step in every meditation session. Though often associated with the New Age metaphysical movement, meditation isn't all about incense and healing crystals. Meditation is an ancient practice that strengthens your mental focus, and recent research suggests that it offers real solutions to modern  ... CONTINUE READING

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