The Ride of a Lifetime

When I get a free moment on the weekends, you'll most likely find me out for a ride along the river. Yes, even in this heat. As someone prone to shin splints, I've always prefered cycling to running to stay in shape. It puts less impact on the body and uses different muscle groups. Besides, the speed is ... CONTINUE READING

Hot, Hot, Hot!

When you pop something spicy into your mouth, it's always good to have a cool beverage nearby. You never know when you're going to need to put out a fire. But when your mouth feels like it's going up in flames, some methods of cooling are better than ... CONTINUE READING

August's Silliest Holidays

February has Valentine's Day; September has Labor Day; December, of course, has Christmas; and August has, um, National Raspberry Cream Pie Day. August may not host any major holidays, but it doesn't lack for some of the goofiest ... CONTINUE READING

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