Do You Need a Lawyer For An Assault Charge in Texas?

The sooner you get an attorney involved, the better. The better your chances are that the case does not even get filed with the government, the better is the chance of not being arrested if you have not already been arrested, the better the chance of getting it dismissed if it does get filed. It ...

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What are the Long Term Effects of an Assault Conviction in Texas?

Even in a misdemeanor Class A assault on a family member, if they are convicted or even placed on deferred adjudication, then that affects their right to own or possess a firearm because it is a federal offense to then own or possess a firearm. If they are convicted of even Class A assault, then ...

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Should Someone Facing Assault Charges in Fort Worth Seek Anger Management Classes?

Yes, it is often the case. Clients may be advised by their attorney to seek counseling or anger management before they are ordered to do so by the court in an attempt to help their case. In fact, that is often a good strategy to consider helping with the case. First, if the person is ...

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Are Restraining Orders Always Granted Following An Assault in Fort Worth?

It can be requested. It is sometimes done automatically, especially in family member cases. The court will often enter a protective order. Often as a condition of bond, the court will order that the person not have any contact with the alleged injured party or complaining witness or at the very least order that they ...

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What Are Some Mistakes People Make During Assault Cases in Fort Worth?

The first and biggest mistake is always to talk to the police or the detectives and answer any questions, even if the person is innocent, even if the person was entitled to self-defense. It is almost always a mistake to answer questions because the detectives or the law enforcement agency may take it out of ...

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What Types of Defenses Can Be Used in Fort Worth Assault Cases?

Self-defense is a defense to any assault type charge. If a person is defending themselves or even a third person, then they can be entitled to self-defense or defense of a third person. If a person uses force against another, even though they caused bodily injury, but they believed that force is immediately necessary to ...

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