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We, as a criminal law firm understand the significance of our work on the livelihood of people that come to us for aid. The fruits of our labor that come in the form of “not guilty” verdict or simply a “win” is helping families of our communities get back to their normal lives after going through a tremendous amount of stress. As attorneys, we are also under stress and pressure to deliver, but it’s something we cherish and enjoy.

Why Results & Statistical Analysis Matters!

The statistical, end-result oriented case-stats tables below are there to give you a chance to form a concrete, informed evaluation of our success in and out of the court-room for our clients. When you are hunting for a defense attorney, you should always be aware of the past results of the attorney or law firm in question, and not be sold strictly on promises and sales pitches. Ask them relevant questions, such as

    “Can you show me your past results for the specific case type that I’m charged with?"
    "What is your overall winning percentage for the cases that you have taken on in the past year?"

You need to see quantifiable data that can be analyzed before making your decision to invest into the law firm, otherwise the risks and potential repercussions can be too devastating.

We believe firmly that having this type of clarity and accountability on our own results will only make us a much clearer choice for you.

**Testimonials & past verdicts posted on this site should not be construed as a guarantee of results.**

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