Case Wins

Possession of Dangerous Drug – Dismissed

Our client was walking with her friend across the street and were stopped by an Arlington Police Officer. He came in contact with her while she was sitting in her car. The officer ordered her out of the vehicle and arrested her for the jaywalking violation. Our client asked the officer if he would retrieve ...

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Felony Drug Case, Tarrant County – Reduced To Misdemeanor

Our client was arrested for felony possession of controlled substance (cocaine) under 1 gram and unlawful carry of weapon (UCW) in Tarrant County, TX. After discussing the holes in the DA’s case involving a potential illegal search of our client; they agreed to reduce the felony charge down to a misdemeanor and dismissed the gun ...

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Possession of Dangerous Drug, Parker County – Dismissed

Our client has a heart condition that requires him to take multiple prescription drugs. He does not usually keep the pills in the prescription bottle with the label on it. He was parked on the side of the road messing with his cell phone. Officers pulled up behind him to do a motorist assist in ...

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Possession 4-200g Cocaine with Intent to Deliver

Our client had a prior felony conviction and was looking at a minimum of 15 years in prison if convicted of possession with intent to deliver cocaine. Police officers had a tip that he was in possession of cocaine and knocked on his door. They claimed that the client allowed them to come in where ...

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Acquitted: Drug Delivery Charge of Over 100 Pounds of Marijuana

The client had delivered over 100 pounds of marijuana to an undercover officer and had prior drug arrests and probations and was looking at a possible long prison sentence for delivering drugs – potentially a life sentence. We had demanded, prior to the trial, disclosure of any confidential informants or snitches used by the police ...

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