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Three Undocumented Immigrants Are Arrested for Kidnapping Texas Lawyer

Kidnapping is a very serious offense that is often dealt with in the federal courts. Recently, in Texas, three undocumented immigrants were accused of kidnapping an attorney in Orange County. They were charged with burglary of a habitation. Two of the three men are accused of breaking into the home of Orange County attorney Jim Sharon Bearden Jr. on May 8. Investigators accuse them of tying up the lawyer and stealing high-value items including guns and electronics from the residence. The men were reported to be wearing masks. Detectives with the Orange County Sherriff’s Office Criminal Division picked up Henrry… Read More

Dallas Joins Fight Against Immigration Law

The City of Dallas has joined the fight against a state immigration law that criminalizes law enforcement officials who fail to comply with federal immigration requests. In June, Dallas confirmed it is joining the campaign to stop the Texas immigration law, Senate Bill 4, from going into effect. Mayor Mike Rawlings said Dallas will work with a group of other Texas cities to challenge the measure in the courts, reported the Texas Tribune. He said on the city’s Facebook page: “The bill is unconstitutional and would infringe upon the city’s ability to protect public safety.” The so-called “sanctuary cities” measure… Read More

New Texas Rules Place Ride Hailing Companies under Scrutiny

Some Texas jurisdictions have struggled with the arrival of ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft in recent years. However, greater standardization is on the cards after the Texas Senate gave final approval to a bill providing statewide rules for ride-sharing companies. We have noted how some of the problems came to light in airport transportation solicitation cases in which drivers were arrested and charged with violating Texas Transportation Code section 22.0815. In some cases, drivers charged with this unfair Class B misdemeanor have held permits. The new legislation was sponsored by Sen. Charles Schwertnerall, R-Georgetown. He said centralized rules would… Read More

If You Are Texting While Driving In Texas, You Are Breaking The Law

After the new law was implemented on 1st of September, it is now mandatory for individuals behind the wheel of a vehicle to put down their cell phones because texting while driving is banned now. It clearly shows that a person can’t communicate through cell phone while driving. Any form of communication through cell phone is banned in every way, including social media. An individual can’t upload a status or use Facebook or any other social media website, can’t send Email or even a text message. Under the new law, a cell phone can only be utilized while driving for… Read More

State Rep. Victoria Neave is Arrested for DWI in Texas

Thousands of DWI arrests occur across Texas every day. However, when a politician, an actor, or a famous musician is arrested for a DWI it makes headlines. Earlier this year, State Rep. Victoria Neave was arrested and charged with DWI in Dallas. A report in the Texas Tribune stated Neave was arrested in early June and for driving while intoxicated. She was booked at the Dallas County Jail in the early hours of the morning, four hours after police received a call that a car had hit a tree in the Lakewood neighborhood, Dallas police said. One TV report claimed… Read More

Famous Celebrities Accused of crimes

The recent sexual assault trial of actor and comedian Bill Cosby was the latest in a series of high-profile celebrity criminal trials. In the Cosby case, a judge in Pennsylvania declared a mistrial after a jury failed to reach a unanimous verdict on any of three counts of aggravated indecent assault against accuser Andrea Constand. The mistrial followed 52 hours of deliberation over five days in June. The mistrial does not mean Cosby was acquitted. It means a jury could not reach a unanimous verdict required by law. In other words, the Montgomery County District Attorney failed to prove the case… Read More

Police Ask if Arlington Sports Bar Shooting Was a Hate Crime

An Arlington sports bar shooting made headlines in May. Two people were shot and killed at Zona Caliente Sports Bar and Grille on South Cooper Street and the killings were reported to be a potential hate crime. Cesar Perez, the general manager of the Zona Caliente Sports Bar, was reported to be trying to calm gunman, James Jones, when he shot and killed Perez. A customer at the bar then shot and killed Jones, reported Fox News. Arlington police later said they were investigating the shooting as a possible a hate crime because of comments Jones made when he entered… Read More

Charges in the Classroom – Texas Teacher is Accused of Biting Special Needs Child

Alleged crimes committed by teachers have made headlines in recent years in Texas and resulted in new legislation. Recently, a Texas special education teacher was arrested for allegedly biting a 9-year old student who had special needs. Courtney Nikole “Nikki” Williams, 35, was arrested on March 6 at Cook Elementary School in Austin. A report on the NBC News affiliate KXAN, stated Williams was arrested and charged with causing injury to a student. The allegation related to a child with behavioral problems who was reported to be disruptive in class. According to an arrest warrant obtained by KXAN, Williams sought to… Read More

Can You Reduce Your Sentence if You Underwent Therapy?

Counseling or therapy may be useful to a defendant when preparing for a trial. It may improve the defendant’s mental wellbeing before the stressful ordeal. While it’s unlikely to have a bearing on whether a defendant is found guilty or innocent, it may impact the eventual sentence. If the defendant can show he or she underwent therapy or counseling they might receive a lesser sentence or even probation when the prosecution is pushing for jail time. Undergoing therapy can help our Fort Worth criminal defense lawyers get the case dismissed. In DWI, drug or theft cases, we show the prosecution… Read More

Can Your DWI Case Be Expunged in Texas?

We are often asked if a DWI conviction can be expunged in Texas. The answer is no. A conviction of any offense cannot be expunged and Driving While Intoxicated cases are excluded from eligibility for deferred adjudication, and subsequently sealing of the record. However, your drunk driving charge can be expunged if the case is dismissed or you are found not guilty. If a case is expunged it means all of the records of the arrest, and the case are deleted, erased, and destroyed. You can find out more about the process on our website. In Texas, a person who… Read More